Medication in Pregnancy / Lactation

During your prenatal and lactating period, the best policy is to avoid all medications, (especially in the first 3 months!) except your prenatal vitamins. However, when you are troubled by common discomforts, there are a number of over-the-counter medications we recommend that are considered safe during pregnancy and/or with breastfeeding. Please take the adult dose listed on the medication.


  • Diphenhydramine [Benadryl]
  • Chlorpheniramine [Chlor-trimeton]
  • Claritin
  • Zyrtec

Combination Allergy / Decongestant

  • Actifed [Pseudoephedrine plus Triprolidine]


  • Docusate Sodium [Colace]
  • Metamucil
  • Fibercon
  • Fiber pills / supplement
  • Milk of Magnesia
  • Dulcolax suppository (limit to 1 time/week)
  • Miralax
  • Increase your fluid and fiber intake


  • Guaifenesin [Robitussin Plain or DM]
  • Mucinex Plain or DM

Decongestant (Stuffy nose)

  • Pseudoephedrine [Sudafed]
  • Saline nasal spray
  • Oxymetazoline [Afrin] nasal spray (has a rebound effect
  • if used for more than 3 days).

    **Do not take drugs with phenylephrine HCl, i.e. Sudafed PE.**


  • Loperimide [Imodium A-D].

    **Do not take Pepto-Bismol or Kaopectate as it contains salicylates (aspirin).**

Difficulty Sleeping

  • Benadryl
  • Tylenol PM
  • Unisom 


  • Acetaminophen [Tylenol]

    **Do not
    take Aspirin [acetylsalicylic acid] or aspirin-containing products unless prescribed
    **Do not take Ibuprofen [Motrin, Advil, Nuprin] during pregnancy, but can be taken while nursing, as little is excreted in the breast milk.


  • Maalox
  • Mylanta
  • Riopan
  • Gelusil
  • Pepcid AC – may increase to 20mg 2x daily
  • Rolaids
  • Tums


  • Anusol
  • Preparation H
  • Tronolane
  • Tucks


  • Tamiflu is safe during pregnancy if ordered by a provider

Nausea / Vomiting

  • Unisom with Vitamin B6
  • Benadryl


  • Aveeno Oatmeal Products

  • Benadryl

  • 1% hydrocortisone cream/ointment 

Sore Throat 

  • Chloraseptic lozenges or spray

    (If you have a fever and sore throat, you may need to be checked for strep throat.)

    **Do not take Chloraseptic liquid -it contains a high percentage of alcohol.


**Do not take mega doses of unprescribed vitamins.


  • Monistat -Miconazole
  • Gyne-Lotrimin

    **Do not
    take Diflucan

If you have questions about specific medications or if symptoms continue after use, please call the office (563-557-5959) between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday. If the office is closed, please ask to talk to the provider on call.