Our practice will provide comprehensive care throughout your pregnancy. You have the choice of rotating though the doctors or selecting a midwife that remains consistent throughout the pregnancy, provided you are low-risk. You have the hospital of choice for your delivery. Our physicians deliver at both Finley Hospital and Mercy Medical Center. Our midwives deliver at Finley Hospital exclusively.

We ask that you have a pregnancy test in our office or an outside laboratory to confirm the pregnancy. After confirmation is received, we will set up your first appointment to gather a thorough medical history, a family history, and past pregnancy history. We also go over general educational materials and answer any questions you may have. This appointment is generally scheduled 8-10 weeks after the first day of your last period. Please identify if electing midwifery care at the time of scheduling. This allows us to schedule your interview with the midwives. For physician patients, this appointment is held with our Registered Nurses.

The next appointment is routinely scheduled around 12 weeks after your last period. This is a complete physical examination by either the physicians or midwives. This includes an ultrasound to date the pregnancy (if one hasn’t been performed), a breast exam, a Pap smear, and standard STD testing. Following this appointment, you will be scheduled for appointments at 4-week intervals until you reach 28 weeks. From 28-36 weeks, you will be scheduled every two weeks, and weekly thereafter. At your regular prenatal visits, we will weigh you, check your blood pressure, check your urine, measure uterus size, and listen for baby’s heart sounds. We will also check for swelling or any other problems that may arise. You are encouraged to let us know about any bleeding, fluid leakage, pelvic pressure, headaches, visual changes, swelling, pain in urination or constipation.  An ultrasound to check fetal anatomy is generally performed around 20 weeks, though they may be ordered at any time based on the individual circumstances of your pregnancy. Ultrasounds are performed in our office, and you will be offered a CD containing images of your baby.  

We ask that you rotate your appointments among the physicians or the midwives. This assists the providers to become acquainted with all patients in case they are on call when you have a question or go into labor. For example, if you select physicians, you will begin with a health interview with the nurses, have a physical exam and two follow-up visits with one of the doctors, and then schedule appointments with the others over the last of the pregnancy.

If you are a midwife patient, you may also see the physicians on two occasions during your pregnancy, and this can be for two of your routine visits.

Medications ok for use during Pregnancy and Lactation
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